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Conlux® CCM5G

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The Conlux CCM5G - simple operation, durable 5-tube coin changer with visible coin path. Provides stability, reliability and economy – all features proven by the market. Your wise choice. 

Product Features

  • Five Tube Cassette
  • Removable Cassette Tube
  • Automatic Cassette Sensing Function
  • Smart Payout
  • Anti-Salting Function
  • Auto Recovery Function (In case of Motor Lock)
  • Memory Backup
  • LED Diagnostics
  • Flash Programmable
  • Simple Access in Field (Swing Open Bottom Cover)
  • See Through Coin Path
  • Satellite Tube Available (1 Yuan - Up to 2 tubes)
  • Data Stored Function (Accept/Reject Data, Error History) 

Technical Specifications

Interface Multi-Drop-Bus (M.D.B.)
Operating Voltage +34VDC (M.D.B.)
Power Consumption Standby 0.09A
Operating State Motor Operation 0.70A or less
Peak MAX. 5 sec 0.90A
Operating Temperature Range -15°C to +60°C (+5°F to +140°F)
Weight 1.9 Kg (4.22 Lbs.)
Dimensions HxWxD: (376mm x 137mm x 82mm)
Coin Acceptance 5-Jiao (Old and New), 1-Yuan - 2 demoni
Tube Capacity 295 Yuan (216 x 1-Yuan + 166 x 5-Jiao)
Satellite Capacity 1-Yuan only (110 coins each – up to 2 tubes)