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MEI CASHFLOW® Cassette Bag

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Take a step closer to closed loop Cash Management with the MEI CASHFLOW Cassette Bag!

CIT (Cash-in-Transit) Model
An intelligent safe equipped with MEI CASHFLOW SCL note validator and cassette bag provides retailers with a complete cash management solution.

Money is deposited into the application, verified, counted, inventoried, and stacked in the cassette bag. During cash collection, the CIT company removes only the bag, leaving the cassette and installing a new bag.

The bag adapts to the amount of notes inserted for a lighter and less bulky solution than a cassette, facilitates the use of dye stain protected cash transport devices, and uses less space in the CIT trucks to allow for more pick-ups, greater efficiency and security.

Kiosks/Self Service Systems
This tamper-evident bag enables retailers to reduce their in-house costs by preventing cash being touched after it is inserted into the application resulting in reduced shrinkage and fewer cash-counting errors.

Independent users that do not use CIT services and extract cash before banking themselves will benefit from cash not being exposed upon collection, facilitating a walk-to-bank model either with or without the use of dye stain protected cash transport devices.

  • Tamper-evident
  • Cash remains stacked
  • Closed-loop Cash Management
  • Compatible with cash marking systems
  • Enhanced security
  • Works with the MEI Cashflow SCL note validator (requires specific cassette)