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MEI GEO® Gravity™

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MEI GEO™ is a high performance stackerless note validator designed to provide a newfound value for applications that historically had to settle for low cost alternatives. This new note validator provides exceptional service and value directly impacting bottom-line profitability. It’s a great improvement over other stackerless options.

MEI GEO provides the performance and reliability of MEI in a cost effective stackerless configuration. The product’s design resulted from a collaborative effort between MEI and a private label note validator manufacturer. During the development process, top MEI engineers equipped the GEO with the foremost acceptance algorithms and processing technology available as well as improving the security characteristics for foreign denominations. MEI GEO sets the standard of performance and value for note validators in a stackerless environment with: 


  • Acceptance of all World note denominations
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to install, use and maintain
  • High performance multi-width stackerless
  • Support for Major Serial Protocols including ccTalk
  • Well-designed, affordable package


  • Note width up to 85mm
  • Operating voltage 12 VDC
  • Operating temperature (-2) to 60 C
  • Maximum humidity 90%
  • Interfaces Pulse, parallel, serial, MDB, ccTalk
  • Dimensions w x d x h (96mm x 91mm x 80mm)
  • Bezel/mounting options standard and glass door