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MEI CASHFLOW SCM is designed to increase the cashbox capacity of our existing MEI CASHFLOW SC product line. Incorporating a new chassis and a revolutionary diamond door, it allows for fifty percent more currency and tickets to be stored between collections in the gaming environment. Use CASHFLOW SCM where ever your floor requires additional capacity. Request it from your OEM slot machine manufacturers.  Check with your OEM for availability.

MEI CASHFLOW SCM makes a difference to your customers, your performance and your profitability. Designed to perform wherever you need more capacity, MEI CASHFLOW SCM is equipped with industry-leading features and proven technology that mean the most to your business. MEI CASHFLOW SCM sets the standard in bill validators worldwide.


  •  50% more capacity than CASHFLOW SC
  • Designed for where you need more capacity
  • Fully compatible with SC & SCM cashboxes
  • Bigger without giving up absolutely any performance
  • Incorporates MEI’s new “Diamond Door”
  • When door is unlocked, allows easy access for cash collection