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Canadian Coin Upgrades Available for Conlux Customers

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Introduction of new $1 and $2 coins and Conlux products

October 20, 2011

In early 2012, the Royal Canadian Mint is planning the release of new $1 and $2 coins. These new coins will be produced using different alloys, and will be similar in construction to the current 5c, 10, 25c coins in circulation today. Based on the change in alloys, all coin accepting devices across Canada will require a software modification to enable the acceptance of these new $1 and $2 coins.


Conlux products have consistently proven to be  very innovative and reliable, with the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. As part of our innovative past, we have embedded technology in our previous generation of products to meet the future needs of our customers, such as this coin change.

Based on the generation of the product, the following options are available to upgrade Conlux coin changers….

CCM-5 2003 production units with white connector (ending May 2003 – SN 035xxxxx and older) – This product cannot be upgraded for the new coins, as the technology utilized for this generation of Conlux changer does not have sufficient memory to accommodate the extra coins.                                                                                                        

CCM-5 2003 production units with black connector (starting June 2003 - SN 036xxxxx and newer)  – This product can be upgraded in the field, ulitising the Conlux Programming Module. This low cost programmer can be purchased at your local distributor. Also, the CCM-5 can be upgraded at any of our Authorised Service Centres for a nominal fee.


How to identify the year of production?

The serial number label is located on side of the Conlux unit. The first two numbers represent the year and the third number (or letter) represents the month. The last 3 months of the year are represented by letters ,"X" = Oct., "Y" = Nov., "Z" = Dec.

Serial # 035C03917 = May of 2003

Serial # 054C86035 = April of 2005

Serial # 04YC75033 = November of 2004

    Serial Number Label