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Casino FlaminGO Specifies MEI CASHFLOW® Banknote Reader

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Macedonia’s Most Significant Casino Joins the Growing List of Casinos Specifying MEI

Reading, England, August 2009-- Casino FlaminGO management has decided to specify MEI CASHFLOW SC for all slot machine purchases upon the successful completion of a Value-Added Trial (VAT). During the VAT process, Casino FlaminGO conducted a side-by-side comparison of CASHFLOW SC and the note validator that previously outfitted its machines, and experienced the benefits of MEI first hand.

Vladimir Suklev, Slots Director at Casino FlaminGO, has a wealth of experience in technical slot management, with previous positions including slot management at the Hilton Casino in Ankara and Istanbul in Turkey and the Mimosa Regency Casino in Pampanga, the Philippines. He was duly impressed with the VAT results. “The technology in bill validators has improved, and we were happy to see the enhancements on our floor where we installed CASHFLOW. The increase in acceptance and machine uptime has led to an uplift in profitability for our property,” said Mr. Suklev.

When the CASHFLOW units were installed for the VAT, the slots team was provided with the necessary training and tools required to monitor the performance. “The STS software and PPM handheld programmer are simple to use. We were in a position to train staff on how to use these tools, which has been difficult in the past. MEI understands how to simplify complicated data processing and thus be extremely customer friendly,” Mr. Suklev enthuses. “The data we gathered corroborated what we have been seeing from day one of the trial. Quite simply, the MEI performance has amazed us.”

CASHFLOW SC has proved itself through extremely high first-time acceptance rates and increased player satisfaction. Slots with low denominations are particularly popular amongst guests at Casino FlaminGO, as the preferred playing note is the five euro note. The general note quality falls more rapidly with the five euro note compared to other Euro denominations, which has caused inadequate acceptance of the five euro notes to be a particular problem in the past due to dissatisfied guests and reduced revenues. “With the MEI CASHFLOW SC we are now able to accept all true notes,” declares Mr. Suklev. “The excellent note acceptance rate of even poor quality notes is very important to us. We know there is a real tangible difference in fitting MEI and thus we will accept only new slots fitted with the MEI CASHFLOW SC banknote reader.”

The slot technicians are also benefiting from using the MEI CASHFLOW SC. During the high pressure drop process it is often a race against time and not uncommon for a cashbox to be dropped. “Previously dropped cashboxes would be damaged and we would have to use a new one, costing us valuable time and money. The MEI cashboxes have been dropped on the floor many times and we have not had to replace them. MEI has brought real value with the CASHFLOW SC,” enthuses Mr. Suklev. “Our technicians have no headaches with MEI—that’s why within two years over 40% of our 444 slots are already fitted with MEI.”

Casino FlaminGO Hotel is situated in Gevgelija, immediately adjacent to the border with Greece. The casino and hotel were opened in December 2005. The Casino FlaminGO Hotel is in the ownership of Mondea Investments Luxembourg, a company with many years of experience in the casino and arcade games business. Furthermore, Casino FlaminGO Hotel has a five-star rating with 42 deluxe guest rooms, 5 business suites, 6 junior suites and 6 executive suites.

Mark Greenawalt, MEI’s Gaming and Retail vice president of EMEA concludes, “We are very thankful to Mr. Suklev and his team for agreeing to trial our CASHFLOW SC. We were very impressed by the casino complex and the dedication of the slots team. We are proud to have Casino FlaminGO as a customer that specifies MEI on new slot purchases.”

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