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Casinos Specify the MEI CASHFLOW® SC83 Following Outstanding Trials

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Casinos across Europe are specifying the MEI CASHFLOW® SC83 as their first choice note acceptor following a highly successful series of ongoing value-added trials (VATs). MEI is extending the offer of a free, no risk trial to other casinos in Europe who want to experience first-hand the superior acceptance rates and best-in-class security that the acceptor offers.

MEI is inviting casinos across Europe to take part in a no risk trial of its highly successful MEI CASHFLOW® SC83 note acceptor. Several casinos are already taking part in the value-added trials (VATs), and its superior rate of acceptance and best-in-class level of security have led many to specify the SC83 as their first choice note acceptor.

MEI’s European Gaming Director, Mark Greenawalt said of the trials: “We have taken the same approach in the US and the SC Series is now the product of choice. A number of trials are already taking place in Europe, with outstanding results. Our strategy was to initially work with one casino - Holland Casino - and then move on with successful completion. As a result, Holland Casino now specifies the SC83 as their first choice note acceptor and we have extended the trials to the rest of Europe.”

A trial conducted at Casino Portoroz in Slovenia was a “real milestone” for MEI, according to Greenawalt, because of its wealth of experience with note acceptors (the casino opened in 1964 - the first in Slovenia). The results of the trial led the casino to take the decision that they would only implement the SC83 in future slots. Technical Service Manager, Boris Kovac said: “It’s not very often that we have seen such product innovation over the years. MEI has really brought something new to the market - it’s a fantastic product.”

The most prestigious casino in Spain, Casino Gran Madrid, was the first to adopt a VAT in the country - again, with excellent results. Angel Garcia Gutierrez, who is responsible for slot machine management at the casino, said: “The SC83 is a real improvement over what we had been using in the past. We are asking all of our slot machine suppliers to integrate the SC83 as we want to have it as standard from now onwards.”

In Northern Europe, the prestigious Grand Casino Helsinki has been won over by the benefits of the SC83 following a six month trial. Heikki Kuusela said: “This VAT has convinced us. In 2007 we are moving over to ticket-in ticket-out and all new slots will be equipped with the SC83.”

The Monte Carlo Group, based in Estonia, has also been very impressed with the results of its VAT trial and Indrek Milliste, Group Technical Manager, now only asks for the SC83 in new slots. He said: “This product is the way forward. I thank MEI for letting us trial such an innovative product - it has brought us excellent results. It is the only note acceptor we want in the future.”


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