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City Casino Group in Bulgaria specifies MEI CASHFLOW SC83

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Bulgaria is added to the map of casinos specifying MEI

MEI is pleased to announce that City Casino Group in Bulgaria now specifies MEI CASHFLOW SC83 note validators for all future slot machine purchases. This decision was made by senior management after a value-added trial (VAT). CASHFLOW SC has raised expectations for note validators across the globe, and the VAT process allows operators to trial CASHFLOW SC risk-free against its current note validator and experience the benefits of highest acceptance rates, unrivalled security, best jam performance and lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

City Casino Group, a major casino operator in Bulgaria, prides itself on innovation and offering its guests the best variety in the market. Georgi Stefanov, project manager at Casino City Group, explains, “Our strategy is to be acquainted with the premium product manufacturers in the casino industry. We had heard so much positive feedback from casinos specifying the MEI CASHFLOW SC83 that we were very keen to take part in a VAT.” City Casino Group operates 17 slot halls in Bulgaria, with more planned for 2010, comprising of over 1200 traditional slots and electronic tables.

The note validator is the key peripheral affecting the players’ experience, and Mr. Stefanov is extremely aware of the importance it plays within City Casino Group. “We are well known and respected for our professional service to our customers in Bulgaria. It is of utmost importance that our guests feel at home in our slot halls. The ease of entering the banknotes is paramount – the experience with note rejection and note jams, leading to machine downtime, had a negative impact on our business in the past. The MEI CASHFLOW SC83 has solved this problem for us – it has been reliable since the first day in operation”.

There are several note validators in the industry, and Mr. Stefanov is confident in his decision to specify MEI CASHFLOW SC, “We are really happy with the on-time service and the quality of the products MEI offers us. Their team is truly dedicated to what they do, which makes the work with them a pleasant and smooth process. MEI explained and showed us all we wished to know about MEI products and offer us reliable, easy service with trustworthy support; undoubtedly City Casino Group and MEI are bonded in a strong partnership.”

Mark Greenawalt, MEI’s vice president of Gaming EMEA, is pleased to add Bulgaria to the list of countries specifying MEI CASHFLOW SC. “MEI will always be committed to providing products to the industry that make our customers more profitable. It is great to hear that our current customers have seen so much success with our products that they recommend them to operators who may not be familiar with CASHFLOW SC,” said Mr. Greenawalt. “We were pleased to invite City Casino Group to perform a VAT and are delighted that they are now specifying CASHFLOW SC. I would like to thank Mr. Stefanov and his team for the time they invested in the VAT and for their kind hospitality.”

The number of casinos trialing the MEI CASHFLOW SC note validator continues to rise, as well as the number of casinos specifying on future slot machine purchases. Ever since the VAT process was introduced, casino operators around the globe have had the opportunity to trial CASHFLOW SC note validator risk free. The MEI team and partners offer continual trial service, from the product installation through product training.

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