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MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 Increases Operator Profits

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The MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 has represented a revolution in changegiver technology since its European launch in 2004, helping vending operators all over Europe to increase profitability by reducing cash held in machines, driving up sales and reducing shrinkage problems. There are now over 200,000 MEI CASHFLOW™ 7000 series units in operation worldwide, and more than 400 European operators now use the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 as their standard changegiver

MEI will be demonstrating the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 on its stand and showing operators how it can make a very real difference to their businesses.

MEI European Marketing Manager, Richard Gibson said:”Now that the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 has been in use all over Europe for two years we have numerous examples of how it has made a measurable difference to operator’s businesses. In today’s competitive market place companies need every advantage they can get, and the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 has track record of providing advantages in increased cashflow and increased sales.”

There are several key features which distinguish the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 from its rivals. It uses unique sonar technology to constantly monitor the number of coins in the tube in real time, enabling the operator to spot shrinkage issues as soon as they occur. Furthermore, the auto-float software can optimise the level of cash in the tubes, meaning that the operator does not have cash tied-up unnecessarily in the machine.

The change capacity of the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 is also important in increasing sales, and therefore profits, for the operator. It has the ability to pay out change in up to five denominations, significantly reducing the chance of the ‘Exact Change Only’ light coming on.

Other advantages of the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 include:

  • Unrivalled levels of reliability, acceptance and security
  • Ability to download audit information with ease
  • Diagnostics and set-up more simple than ever before
  • Highest level of waterproofing yet seen in Europe

With all of these benefits in mind, MEI coined the term ‘coin manager’ to represent the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900, with a view to operators not just seeing it as a changegiver, but as a means of managing the cash in their machines. It proved so successful that it quickly replaced all of the previous MEI CASHFLOW™ 690 changegivers across mainland Europe, and became the new industry standard.

MEI has continued to innovate and develop the coin manager, most recently introducing the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900i for operators who are moving into infra-red data retrieval, ruling out data loss from printer connections breakages and wear-and-tear from frequent physical connections.


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