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MEI Data Retrieval Leads in Europe

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MEI has established a market-leading position in the data-retrieval market in Europe, following the release of its IRDA-enabled changegiver the MEI CASHFLOW™7900i. Launched at EU Vend in September 2005, the MEI CASHFLOW 7900i enables operators to download data using infra-red connection, overcoming a number of the problems associated with wired connections.
Already this version of the revolutionary changegiver accounts for some 35 per cent of MEI’s European sales, and the MEI CASHFLOW 7900 itself features unique audit functions which have helped to make it a popular successor to MEI’s previous changegivers. To further consolidate its position in the marketplace, MEI has recently launched a stand-alone cash management software module based on its EASITRAX Vending Management System.
According to Richard Gibson, MEI’s European Marketing Manager, these recently launched innovations continue a tradition of MEI developments in the area of audit and data retrieval. He says: “The coin mech is at the heart of any vending machine, and is in an ideal position to capture information about money inserted, change given, sales made and the money held in the tubes. As a result most audit systems in Europe have been built around the changegiver and MEI has had a central role in making this happen.
“MEI was at the forefront of the early audit systems with its MEQ series of handheld interrogation units, and the company has worked with vending operators ever since to refine their audit systems and increase the accuracy of the information received.”
Most recently operators highlighted a problem with the robustness of the physical connectors used to download data. As a result the IRDA (infra-red data audit) system was developed and is proving to be highly successful in allowing operators to take advantage of the unique audit features on the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900i.
While previous audit systems relied on the changegiver making a calculation involving the amount of money inserted and the amount of money given in change, the MEI CASHFLOW 7900 actually knows exactly how many coins are held in the tubes.It does this using its unique sonar system. Whenever a coin drops into one of the tubes, or whenever a tube is taken out and replaced, the sonar checks the level and calculates the amount held.
The MEI EASITRAX Cash Management module then takes thing one step further, allowing cash to be monitored from the machine back to the depot. Taken together MEI offers a complete solution to operators wanting to reduce cash shrinkage.
Richard Gibson says: “In markets such as Italy and France, where they have a strong tradition of using audit systems, the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900i has proved to be highly successful. For UK operators who want to reduce shrinkage and take full advantage of the audit features of our changegiver, we now have a suite of products that provide cutting edge technology to accomplish this.”
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