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MEI Launches EASITRAX Cash Management to Combat Cash Shrinkage

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MEI has announced the launch of a stand-alone cash management software module for vending operators under its MEI EASITRAX™ brand. The software will allow vending operators to reconcile cash routed to the cash-bag and the contents of the change tubes with the actual amount the collector brings back from the machine, effectively eliminating shrinkage.
This is the first time that any of the modules within the MEI EASITRAX Vending Management System (VMS) have been marketed as stand-alone solutions
MEI’s European Marketing Director Richard Gibson said: “Many people will be aware of the benefits that the MEI EASITRAX system can bring to the efficient running of vending businesses large and small. It is a modular system which works in every area from the warehouse to the finance department.
However, we have realised that one of these modules, Cash Management can deliver an immediate benefit to customers who are not ready to make an investment in the full system and have decided to offer it as a standalone piece of software."
“Shrinkage is a major concern for Vending operators across Europe and cash is obviously a high risk area. This new software, particularly when used in conjunction with the cutting edge technology incorporated in the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7000 series of changegivers, provides a method to significantly reduce this risk”
The launch of the software coincides with the unveiling in the UK of the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900i changegiver. This variant on the highly successful MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900 comes equipped with an infra-red interface to allow IRDA (infra-red data audit) use via a handheld device. The MEI CASHFLOW 7900’s onboard software monitors cash in the tubes and the cashbox, and stores data on past transaction and any changes made to the tube content.
The MEI EASITRAX CASH Management software can be used with the MEI CASHFLOW 7900 and the MEI CASHFLOW 690, as well as the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900i.
Key benefits of the new Cash Management software include:
  • Automatic link of cash to cashbag and cash in tubes to individual machines
  • Discrepancy reports highlighting missing audits and inconsistencies in cash audit
  • The ability to build up audit libraries on machine performance
  • Automatic (contactless via irda) data input eliminating the risk of Human error
Further information is available from MEI, contact David Bowman 0044 (0)7990 776301.
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