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MEI Launches Route Mapping Module for MEI EASITRAX™

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If you've ever been frustrated at the amount of time spent reorganising your operation routes to cover for absenteeism or holidays, or wondered whether the routes you have set up are as efficient as they could be, then you might be interested in the new MEI EASITRAX™ Route Mapping Module.

An additional feature to the MEI EASITRAX™ vending management system (VMS), the module provides a variety of functions for vending operators which make the planning and management of operator routes much simplier.

‘We are sure that the route mapping module will prove invaluable for vending operators in improving logistics within their business, and providing flexibility when staff are ill or covering for annual leave or on bank holidays,” says Alex Curtis, MEI’s VMS Manager for Europe, “The system integrates with Microsoft MapPoint 2004 to provide directions, maps and route-planning tools. It is designed to make life easier for management and route people alike.”

Key features of the MEI EASITRAX™ route mapping module are:

  • Links to Microsoft MapPoint 2004 to show customer location on map
  • Allows machines to be allocated to routes and to perform day-by-day planning
  • Sequences of machine visits can be easily set and changed
  • Gives directions, summary miles and driving time estimates for route people
  • Allows different start and finish points to be allocated for operators who do not go back to the warehouse every day
  • Provides an optimisation function which allows the most efficient route to be planned and downloaded to the route person’s handheld computer
  • Provides a route supervisor function which allows multiple routes to be viewed
  • Includes a re-scheduling wizard making it easy to re-plan routes during holiday cover or sickness

Further information on the route planning module and all aspects of MEI EASITRAX™ vending management systems are available at or contact Alex Curtis on 0118 969 7700.


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