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MEI® Licenses EASITRAX Soft Count to Money Controls

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Agreement increases availability of emerging technology – enabling casinos to improve both cash management and access to casino floor information

West Chester, PA March 23,

MEI has agreed to license use of EASITRAX® Soft Count to Money Controls. The arrangement provides Money Controls global access to the integrated software/hardware solution that makes cash verification more efficient and places information collected in a bill validator into a database that can be accessed to analyze slot floor performance.

“This is a proud day for MEI,” said Tom Nugent, MEI president - Gaming. “Money Control’s interest in EASITRAX Soft Count, along with the positive feedback we have received from the numerous customers using the product, verifies the value of this solution. The ability to work with a competitor – to raise the expectations for bill validator manufacturers – helps us to move the industry forward.”

The full potential of EASITRAX Soft Count can only be realized if the slot floor is fully enabled. Expanding the product’s reach improves its ability to redefine the cash management process.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to work with MEI,” said Mike Innes, Money Controls chief executive. “At the end of the day, we both benefit from making casino operations more efficient – which EASITRAX Soft Count definitely accomplishes.”

EASITRAX Soft Count utilizes RFID technology to connect slot machine asset numbers and bill validator operational information to a specific cashbox. Accessing data has never been faster – allowing operators to base decisions on several instant reports programmed within the accompanying software:
Acceptance rate of what is in the cashbox
Currency report documents how many bills are in each cashbox and the percentage of collected denominations over a period of time
Drop status manages the daily collection of the money and cashboxes
Jams reports, if they occur, identifying potential problems
Rejection types defines one of seven categories as to why the bill was rejected
Version report ensures each bill validator has up-to-date software.

Applying EASITRAX Soft Count to casino operations can either be done through specifications with gaming original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or via retrofit package kits. The system has been configured to be compatible with sorter/counter equipment produced by Cummins, G&D and Glory – further illustrating the ease in which it can be incorporated into an existing operation. EASITRAX Soft Count can be implemented with minimal capital (using existing components reduces system costs) and with the hardware each operation has specified for its particular needs.

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