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MEI Offers Cutting Edge Coin and Bill Acceptors

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MEI, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of payment systems, will be exhibiting at the 9th International PIR Hospitality Industry Exhibition in Moscow. MEI has more than forty years experience in this market and can claim to have pioneered a number of crucial developments including the world’s first electronic coin mechanism. Today it operates in some 90 countries and its products are relied upon to make more than one billion transactions worldwide every week.
The company’s stand will feature the MEI CASHFLOW™ 7900, a changegiver which is so revolutionary that MEI has invented a new term for it: coin manager. The coin mechanism has a number of features which mean that it increases sales for vending operators, offers additional customer satisfaction, and makes more money. These include:
  • Five change tubes, which can be individually changed to give the best possible configuration for the goods on sale
  • Unique sonar technology which monitors the level of coins in the tubes whenever a coin drops or when the tubes are changed
  • Software that monitors sales and coins, and gives operators the opportunity to optimise the number of coins in the tubes
  • A display which makes diagnosis and set up easy
Taken together with the highest levels of reliability, these features explain why the MEI CASHFLOW 7000 series has already sold more than 200,000 units worldwide. Furthermore independent research has demonstrated that installing this changegiver can increase operator profits by increasing sales, decreasing money held in the machine and reducing the number of times the ‘No change available’ light is on.
MEI will also be exhibiting the VN2000 bill acceptor. The Russian variant is the latest development of the hugely successful vending bill validator. To date more than a two million products have been sold globally into a variety of applications
The VN series was the first to securely validate notes using just optical sensors. This sensor arrangement removes the normal note contact sensors from the entire bill path, which dramatically reduces jams, and massively increases the chances of a worn, crumpled or wet note being accepted. This combination has proved to significantly increase sales in machines and, of course, improve consumer satisfaction and confidence.
The Russian unit can securely validate 10, 50, 100 and even 500 rouble notes. The VN 2000 links directly to the MEI CASHFLOW 7900 via the MDB peripheral interface to provide a powerful combination: the best bill acceptance in the market and the highest coin capacity changegiver. By using them in combination they can also account accurately for all the cash in the machine and the sales that have taken place
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