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Tidel Offers Newly Designed Intelligent Safes with MEI Premium Bill Validators and Bulk Note Feeders

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WEST CHESTER, Pa., April 9, 2008 – MEI and Tidel have partnered to help retailers secure large volumes of cash more quickly and reliably. All of Tidel’s intelligent safes, including its flagship product, the Sentinel™ Bulk Coin Dispenser with Note Dispenser (BCND), are now available with MEI Cashflow® SC premium quality bill validators. Safes for use in the United States are also available with an MEI Cashflow bulk note feeder (BNF), an enhancement that will be released later this year for other world economies including South Africa, Australia and Mexico. Both of these products provide the industry’s lowest jam rates for improved cash management.

Equipped with MEI bill validators, Tidel BCND intelligent safes can hold up to 1,500 bills in each lockable cash box for easy removal by cash-in-transit providers. The safes reduce cash management costs because they count and secure cash electronically, which reduces time and human error. BCND safes dispense cash back to retailers as needed for check cashing, debit card cash-back transactions, self-checkout systems, lottery payouts and other applications.

Outfitted with MEI bulk note feeders, the safes also eliminate the need for management to oversee deposits at the end of each shift. For each validator, store personnel can place stacks of 30 to 35 bills at a time in onto the BNF tray for automatic processing. The system frees store personnel to engage in other tasks while it verifies, counts and secures each bill in the safe. Tidel’s safes with a BNF are also ideal for route delivery applications.

“MEI’s technology helps Tidel offer retailers a faster cash management solution,” said Ed Grondahl, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Tidel. “In our experience MEI products jam far less frequently than other brands, so retailers can worry less about securing cash and focus more on other elements of their operation.”

About Tidel
Tidel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sentinel Technologies, Inc. (a private holding company), has been a manufacturer of cash security equipment designed for specialty retail marketers since 1978. Tidel designs and manufactures products for cash security and robbery prevention, as well as retail cash management. To date, Tidel has sold more than 250,000 systems in the U.S. and over 50 other countries. Tidel provides a 24-hour, seven-day customer service center and offers customer service and support in over 120 countries worldwide. Information about the company and its products may be found on the company’s website at or email