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Trials Prove the MEI CASHFLOW® 9500E Offers

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The unrivalled level of security offered by the MEI CASHFLOW® 9500E has been proven during a series of trials undertaken in Blackpool. The product trials were conducted at some of the premier amusement arcades in the country which included the Pleasure Beach, North Pier, and Treasure Island.

Technicians who took part in the trials testified to the superior performance of the successful coin acceptor, which - unlike its competitors - did not accept any fraud coins.

Luke Oldland, a lecturer in Coinslot Technology at Blackpool and the Fylde College and a technician during the trials said: “In terms of security, we haven’t found a fraud yet that the MEI CASHFLOW® 9500E will accept. It is also very easy to use and maintain, which saves a lot of time and effort.”

Another technician who took part in the trials was Alan Popaloski from Crown Leisure. He said: “During the trials we set up three cabinets alongside each other, one of which contained the MEI CASHFLOW® 9500E.” Alan explained that the industry often sees fraudulent coins or foreign coins used to fraud the games. He went on to say: “It was only the MEI CASHFLOW® 9500E which rejected all of the foreign or fraud coins put into it, whereas some of its competitors did not.”
Alan continued: “It also accepted more coins than the other mechs so it definitely had a positive impact on our profits, you could see the difference when counting up. I would recommend it to other operators.”

MEI’s European Gaming Director, Mark Greenawalt, said: “We have been delighted with the results from the trials, which have proven that the MEI CASHFLOW® 9500E is the most secure product in the market. We look forward to showcasing it at ATEI, and welcome visitors to the stand to see it demonstrated first-hand.”


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