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MEI CASHFLOW Coupon Program

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Program Features

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Get started with the MEI CASHFLOW Coupon Program to promote your business.

Choose from 9 Generic Coupon designs that are ready to order and ready to use.  Or customize your coupons with your unique message by designing Custom Coupons for your company.  A Low-cost option is also available for MDB and free vend validators and comes in a generic or customer offering.

  • Security
    • MEI CASHFLOW bill validators have 100 percent optical technology and use a unique security-coding process to prevent acceptance of competitor coupons
    • MEI Coupons have enhanced security features that guard against fraudulent and copied coupons

  • High reliability
    • Optical sensing technology provides more accurate acceptance of legitimate bills/coupons and greater reliability than those using older magnetic contact sensing systems
    • Four-way coupon acceptance
    • High first-pass acceptance
  • Flexible coupon program
    • Three vend amounts - Free, $1 and $5
    • Custom coupons to carry your message 
    • One-button programming for coupon acceptance
  • Operator Benefits
    • Helps manage refund costs
    • Increases machine volume
    • Provides cross-promotion opportunities
    • Offers commissions/incentives
    • Builds awareness of your company with customized coupons

Product Specifications

MEI Products with Coupon Capabilities

  • All MEI CASHFLOW VN2700 validators
  • MEI CASHFLOW VN2500 bill validators manufactured after Sept. 30, 2002 accept MEI coupons
  • MEI CASHFLOW VN2500 bill validators manufactured between Nov. 1999 and Sept. 27, 2002, can be upgraded to take MEI coupons by using the Bill Programming Module (BPM)
  • MEI CASHFLOW AE2600 bill validators manufactured after Nov. 1, 2003 accept MEI coupons
  • MEI CASHFLOW AE2600 bill validators manufactured prior to Nov. 2003 can be configured to take MEI coupons by upgrading the control board
  • All MEI CASHFLOW AE2800 validators
  • CASHFLOW AE2400 -only $1 - $5 value coupons
  • **NEW** Low-cost coupon -MDB ONLY VN2700s, AE2600s and AE2800s MDB models installed with V3.56 release of code