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MEI EASITRAX® RDP Remote Data Port

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Gives you full control of your business, including sales (cash and non-cash), product and time accountability. 


Tracks cash and products in the machine electronically and automatically, and optimizes your routes as you only visit machines that need servicing.  The MEI EASITRAX® RDP works with MEI cashless devices like the Combo, 4-in-1 and 3-in-1 validators, which accept both cash and credit in one device.  And when combined with MEI EASITRAX® vending management software, the system performs remote monitoring and curbside polling, eliminating the first walk to the machine.

  • Easy to Install and Maintain, Highly Reliable 
    • T-Harness cables make installation very simple and safe
  • Designed for Route Drivers
    • Easy to locate inside the machine
    • Clear identification of DEX jack and audit cables
    • Tracks drivers' routes to improve time management
  • Data Monitoring
    • A real-time clock allows you to gather marketing data
  • Flexible communications network
    • Capable of linking up to 32 machines together, managing transactions in  varying environments through an efficient wireless communication network
    • Secure network communications
    • FCC approved for the maximum power output to penetrate building walls and floors
  • Minimal Training
    • Drivers can be trained in under one hour
    • Data retrieval process is consistent and simple